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What does a health coach do?

A health coach is a guide who helps clients set health goals. The goals can have a broad variety. From losing weight, to gain more energy, sleep better, become more stress resilient to improve digestive issues and many more. Everybody is unique and so are health goals. And what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. That is the concept of bio-individuality.

In addition, health coaches are accountability partners that keep clients focused and be there to support them along their journey of transformation to a healthier and happier version of themselves.

Health coaches provide a holistic perspective on health by not just focusing on food and exercise but by looking at all areas of life such as career, social life, relationships, creativity and self care. This approach is what sets health coaches apart from other wellness experts.

By learning how to listen to your body, health coaches provide a safe space for clients to explore what makes them feel great and what makes them feel depleted. Clients receive the tools and skills to learn what works best for them and how they can take their own health to the next level.

If you feel ready to embark on your health journey, you can book a free 30 minute call to find out how I can help you. You can book al call on the website mrsgreen.nl or you can send an e-mail to: hello@mrsgreen.nl.

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