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I am Suzanne Huybrechts, a registered health coach, an orthomolecular nutrition coach, a plant-based advocate and a transformative example of changing unbeneficial patterns to become a healthier, happier, more confident and fulfilled human being.

How did I do it?

A lot of study, a lot of reading and a lot of trial and error when putting things to the test. I combined my learned lessons in the i-care-method™. and I am beyond excited to share them with you.
I care. Do you?

My story

Food and health have always been my go to passions. I remember receiving a cookbook for my sixth birthday. A truly magical moment. Imagine, I could make food from scratch and see the effect that good and delicious food had on others. From baking cakes to making homemade pasta, I wanted to try it all. Through the years I tried different diets. From the local Belgian diet, to fruitarian, vegetarian, raw food and ultimately the plant-based diet. 

Suzanne Huybrechts - Mrs Green

The Diagnosis

I was always on a quest to find ways to heal my digestive issues without compromising on deliciousness. As a two year old, I suffered from salmonella poisoning and as a result got a heavy dose of antibiotics. Since then, digestive issues have always been present. I ate what my family ate but I was always curious to try other foods and diets to see if they could help me heal. Around my early twenties I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). A diagnosis of exclusion. I suffered from daily cramping, bloating and constipation. I did not receive specific information on how to deal with it. Yes… a limited selection of cooked vegetables and a fiber supplement. Seriously, is that what I have to do the rest of my life?

I often felt desperate and frustrated and it was clear that I had to figure this out on my own. Frustratingly, there wasn’t just not one solution needed to fix this.
It was clear to me that food has a major impact on my gut health, the microbiome (the microbes living in the gut) and overall health, but it wasn’t until I found the IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) that I really understood how all aspects of life impact (gut) health.

Out of my comfort zone

In 2017, I found myself on a beach in Portugal. By then, single mum with two teenagers – a freelancer – working long days – feeling exhausted and stuck.
Tired of telling myself the same story over and over. It was time to break this cycle and make a life changing choice. How could I feel on top of the world again? What could get me out of my comfort zone? What was something that scared the hell out of me, but was tempting at the same time?

I was reading ‘Finding Ultra’ by Rich Roll and decided then and there that I would do an IRONMAN triathlon. I subscribed the same day. And to make sure I was as efficient as possible I asked Chris Hauth to be my coach. One year later I wrote the following.

When I started sharing my idea of doing an IRONMAN triathlon, a lot of people reacted by telling me I was crazy. In the beginning they might have thought: nice idea but let’s see in a few months. Others were trying to convince me of the fact that it was bad for my body and health. People were even telling me that it was unusual that I didn’t look that lean despite training so much. I know I don’t have the physique of a gazelle, but does that mean I am not strong nor have the endurance?
All of the above made the fire inside me burn harder day by day. Of course, there were days of self-doubt and extreme exhaustion on which the journey seemed infeasible. At the same time, I knew deep down that there was no way I would quit. That never was an option. I was determined that every workout would bring me closer to realizing my goal. I am not a competitive person by nature so for me, racing for me is way out of my comfort zone. Ultimately the ‘why’ behind this experience is what pushed me forward. Willing to undergo and face any and all obstacles along the way.
A year ago, I had never sat on a racing bike. I could not swim freestyle, let alone run a marathon.
Remember you all, when you are being drawn to something. When the voice inside you tells you to dream big and make the impossible, possible. Listen and only listen to that voice. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We all are much stronger than we may believe we are right now. Just take it day by day and you’ll be surprised at the person you will become!

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What I didn’t know back then is that doing difficult things was my default setting. In my opinion, if I didn’t give it my all, when things weren’t hard and difficult to achieve, I would not feel satisfied about any achievement. As a result, the big lesson I still had to learn was self love. Embracing the concept that not everything has to be hard and challenging but achievement through effortless ease is a pleasant state to be in.
Bottom line being, know yourself, know what your values are and live accordingly to be able to live a fulfilled life. You do you. Because that is what ultimately brings happiness.


I studied at IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. The world’s largest Health Coach Programme. In addition I studied at Stichting Ortho Health Foundation where I graduated as an Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach. I keep track of the latest scientific research on a daily basis and on everything related to gut health and brain health in order to have the best strategies for my clients to heal.


Today my purpose in life is helping people find the root cause of their health problems and offer them the right skills, tools and mindset to transform their health and wellbeing. Ultimately empower them to take control of their own life, health and happiness. Because feeling alive and vibrantly alive is what I wish all people could experience.

In my health coach practice, I focus on gut health, food and mood, brain-gut connection, weight loss, stress management and energy restoration.

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