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‘I care’ is a mantra
To keep you on track
To keep you focused
The power of transformation is within you
You choose to make a change
You choose to take care of yourself
At any moment
And that moment might be now.

I care 
The journey of transformation

Mrs Green i-care method


The journey of transformation starts with insights about your health and health in general. What is health and what impacts health? What is the effect of stress on your body and how does it impact your food choices? What types of food heal your gut and what foods harm your microbiome?

Do you still feel tired waking up? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different food theories and diets out there? Clients receive a 360 scan of their life and food intake to reveal what aspects are out of balance. We find out what the root cause is instead of simply treating symptoms.


Every change in life starts with the choice of wanting to make a change. Change only happens when YOU are ready and when YOU want it deeply. I help you to get to the fundamental WHY of wanting to make a change and getting the results you set for yourself.

If you truly know your why and you choose to make a long-lasting change, the chance of successfully getting there and overcoming the inevitable obstacles on the way, is so much higher. I’ll be reminding you along your journey of your why and your choice to make changes that last a lifetime.


Ideas of change, will remain ideas when they are not followed by action.
To make a change in life you will have to change things. No way around that. I help you break down your goals into an actual action plan. Small, simple steps that get you moving in the direction you chose to go. 

Over time these steps will result in transforming your life into the life you longed for and never thought was possible for you. The key here is consistency. And remember, progress not perfection.


When you know your why, have an action plan, work hard and have clear goals set, results will follow. Results are consequential with the right outline and action plan. It is that simple. Is it easy? No, of course not. We are humans and we are wired to opt for the road of least resistance. But when you put in the hard work and get to those results, the feeling of accomplishment and pride will be worth all the effort. And in hindsight you will realize that the road to the results was actually where the magic happened.


The actual result of getting to the results is the feeling of empowerment. That feeling that you experienced, breaking through long life patterns that held you back, is powerful. So powerful that from now on you get to use and apply this power to all aspects of your life.  Does that mean that everything will be perfect from now on? Hell no, but you know now that you are a fierce, strong human with the right tools in your toolbox to conquer and work through obstacles thrown at you.
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