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Do you have digestive issues like bloating, cramping, gas, constipation, diarrhoea? Do you have food allergies or sensitivities and wonder what you CAN eat and how you can reverse food sensitivities? Do you feel tired all the time and feel the need to restore your energy levels? Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Are your hormones out of balance? Do you want to transition to a plant-based diet but you don’t know how? Are you busy and confused about all the different diets and don’t know where to begin? Or do you just want to feel better?

You’ve come to the right place. I will help you to find the root cause of your health issues and provide you with the right knowledge and tools to get your health on track.
Are you ready to commit yourself to a journey of health and wellness?

Transform your health, transform your life.


Individual Coaching


One on one coaching. We work together intensively to get you the results you have set for yourself.

Coaching Plus


In need of more day to day motivation on your journey? The Plus program provides just that. Unlimited app service from Monday till Friday.


Fee on demand

Do you want to eat healthy but you don’t have time to prepare and cook or you simply don’t enjoy doing? Do you have a dinner party but want to keep it healthy? No stress. I’ve got you covered. 

Business coaching

We all know that the biggest asset of a company are the employees. How well do you take care of your employees? How do you create the optimal environment to support your employees? Investing in preventing illness might be a better and more beneficial choice over regularly having to pay for sick leave and replacement staff.
Tailored made programs on request.


Orthomolecular Nutrition Consult

120 euro

(VAT excl.)

An extensive intake consult and a personalized action plan.

Follow-up Orthomolecular Nutritioin consult

90 euro

(VAT excl.)

A follow-up consult after the initial extensive intake.

Going Plant-Based in 4 weeks

How to go plant-based in 4 weeks? Have you been considering eating more plants and fruits and want to transition to a plant-based lifestyle? How do I get my protein when I’m not eating dairy or meat? Will I be eating only rabbit food? The answers to these questions and much more. A step-by-step guide
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